Welcome to Pulsar Media.

Our organization stands at the intersection of business acumen and innovative media solutions, anchoring its operations in strategic communication and media relations consultancy. 

With a keen focus on delivering impactful storytelling and expert advisory services, Pulsar Media paves the way for organizations navigating the complexities of growth and brand resilience.

Pulsar Labs extends this foundation, offering a creative platform for reimagining media’s future through technology and collaboration.

Typr, the first Swiss-hosted generative AI tool, epitomizes the convergence of efficiency and creativity, setting new standards for content creation among professionals and thought leaders.

Together, these divisions underscore our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic influence in the global media landscape.

This is our universe. Feel free to explore it.


Pulsar Media

Pulsar Media is a leading, content-driven PR firm with activities in Switzerland and the UK. Acting as an industry-agnostic advisor, it has strong ties to the financial sector and other services sectors. It advises over 30 clients on thought leadership, content creation and media relations.

Media Innovation

Pulsar Labs

Pulsar Labs is an incubation launchpad for new generation media companies. By harnessing the best ideas, tools, and people we are transforming how audiences consume and create media.

Swiss AI


Typr is an AI-driven content creation tool that allows its users seamlessly customise communication to different industries and audiences. It is designed to enhance the creative process while continually harnessing the latest generative AI technology.