Pulsars – some of the brightest points of energy in the universe, wielding extraordinary influence and traction – are the inspiration for specialist communications advisory firm, Pulsar Media.

Each story is a star in your reputation’s constellation. Pulsar Media’s mission is to advise and shape each and every story with the energy and focus to illuminate your business and reputation’s best future.

Pulsar Media approach

Pulsar Media acts as your trusted advisor in times of growth, or in times of hardship. We provide expert media relations services and clever storytelling, offering counsel, strategy and content to grow and protect your business. 

Media Strategy

Pulsar Media works with principals and their teams who require expert one-to-one guidance to engage the media and impact the business, diplomatic and public life of Switzerland and beyond.

Independent Advice

By crafting unforgettable stories and offering bold, independent advice, Pulsar Media operates at the intersection of credibility, visibility and influence.

PR expertise

Pulsar Media’s PR expertise is grounded in longstanding relationships in the media, business and diplomacy worlds that deliver success and drive influence in this unique international city.

Pulsar Media’s services draw from across five core added values to offer the most rigorous independent advice and implement effective solutions.


Pulsar Media services core added values


Whether an event, a speech or an interview, timely advice about when, where and how to join, start or lead the conversations that will deliver client success.


Thought Leadership

Deep insight into the issues that shape our world, differentiate, and position. More than simplistic headlines, effective thought leadership demonstrates superior business acumen with compelling expression and tailored delivery.



Finely honed judgement about which issues, positions, and agendas will best align to build influence, inspire inquiry and define leadership.



The traditional drivers of reputation are now challenged by speed, ubiquity, disinformation, and actively hostile public actors. Technology alone cannot replace intuitive reputational strategic capability that looks at the whole picture to offer the soundest counsel and devise response and recovery.



This fundamental human skillset is enhanced and executed efficiently and effectively after years of experience. Deployed across campaigns, media placements, roadshows, agenda-setting events, and multi-channel strategies, stories are carefully shaped and crafted, to be shared by, or for, clients and their principals.


“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

– Jeff Bezos

About Pulsar Media’s founder

Founder & Strategic Communications Consultant
Sherif Mamdouh

Sherif Mamdouh is the consummate Geneva insider, having supported and advised companies and individuals, from heads of state to storied business leaders throughout his career. His counsel and judgement are sought by senior leaders to manage their campaigns, transactions, issues and crises.

With 20 years expertise in business, finance, education, communications and media, Sherif founded Pulsar Media in 2022 to offer clients his focus and energy through a discrete advisory practice delivering best-in-class media relations and strategic content.

Media is fundamental: Sherif’s deep expertise in media relations comes from seeing different textures in business situations and identifying the outstanding in the ordinary: his creativity has enriched working relationships with the journalists forming the enduring media landscape in Geneva, Switzerland and beyond. As a published columnist (Bilan, Agefi, Allnews, Finews, HospitalityInsights) he also brings an insider’s perspective that offers a unique bridge for clients to the potential business value offered by meaningful media relations and effective thought leadership.

Trusted Advisor: Directly advising demanding and high achieving clients, Sherif operates with values of integrity, truthfulness, openness and complete discretion. He commits to of deep knowledge of his clients, their business, and their best reputational interests. From devising a campaign for the leadership of an international organization, to managing real time crisis recovery with CEOs, clients value Sherif’s direct and always-available counsel.

Long Term Partner: Sherif builds trusted, long-lasting partnerships, offering a wealth of experience working withing CEO offices, executive committees, deal teams, UN and diplomatic missions, and countless briefings, back groundings and storytelling with journalists. His breadth of experience in management, and across the finance and education sectors allows him to adapt to the new business horizons including AI, blockchain, and ESG quickly and expertly.